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Physician Spotlight

Meet Dr. Rachel Salas. Dr. Salas is a sleep neurologist at Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep and Wellness.

She has practiced for well over a decade and has developed a personalized approach to better serve her patients. She recognized early on that patients had sleep concerns that didn’t always fit within current diagnostic paradigms. As a tertiary care referral center, they started seeing more treatment-resistant RLS and insomnia.

Industry Spotlight

On June 14, 2021, Philips issued a recall notification for the United States for specific affected ventilation and sleep apnea devices.

The notification informs patients, users and customers of potential impacts on patient health and clinical use related to this issue. Click the image to learn more about the recall, determine if your device is impacted, and take the next steps to register your device.

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Additional Blog Articles

June 15, 2023

American TelePhysicians and MedBridge Collaborate

American TelePhysicians and MedBridge Healthcare Collaborate to Enhance Sleep Care Services Through CURA4U Platform MedBridge Healthcare and American TelePhysicians partner to provide sleep apnea screening, diagnosis, […]