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Facilitating sleep research is essential to furthering patient care and supporting technological advancements for the betterment of sleep medicine.

Providing diagnostic testing data, comparisons, therapy assessments, clinical support and product validation.

MedBridge Healthcare, LLC partners with academic and research facilities, technology companies, device companies, and software manufacturers to provide diagnostic testing, data comparisons, therapy assessments, clinical support, and product validation data. Our research studies are conducted at our independent diagnostic testing facilities, hospital partner sleep centers, academic centers, subjects’ homes, and associated physician clinics.

Our diverse group of programs and services makes us an ideal partner for research and product validation—often at a lower cost. This is especially advantageous for start-up device companies. While we only provide the technical support for research, we partner with a large network of board-certified sleep specialists to provide professional guidance and expertise. MedBridge Healthcare has sleep testing facilities in 21 states plus home sleep apnea testing nationally, serving a diverse group of patients in both urban and rural areas, and making research more accessible for both clinicians and industry.

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  • Adam P. Knowlden, MBA, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Science
    "MedBridge Healthcare provided customized support based on the needs of my sleep-focused research study. They worked with me every step of the way to ensure participants received their home sleep tests and understood their rights as a participant. When my research protocol changed due to COVID, MedBridge Healthcare quickly adjusted to the needs of my study participants and provided outstanding customer support; both to me and the participants in my study."
    Adam P. Knowlden, MBA, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Science
    The University of Alabama
  • Michael Perlis, PhD, Director of Penn Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program
    "MedBridge Healthcare services was the solution to what seemed an insurmountable problem: The COVID lockdown had all but shut-down procedure based clinical research (research that required one or more in person visits). In our case, we found ways to go virtual for most of our assessments and procedures, with one notable exception: our in-lab screening sleep studies. We decided to go with HSATs and secured permission from our funding agency and IRB for the protocol change. Now the real problem: we had two re-useable HSAT devices. What we needed was a half dozen devices, ideally disposable and managed by professionals (from order-to-data). MedBridge was the solution. We worked with them hand-in-hand to identify the best fit to need devices, to establish a contract with our university, to set into place ordering and data access protocols. More, they managed all participants questions and concerns. It became a turn-key thing that ultimately doubled our pre-COVID productivity. The system worked so well, that it continues to be our preferred screening method."
    Michael Perlis, PhD, Director of Penn Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program
    University of Pennsylvania
  • Melissa Bruner
    "… I would recommend MedBridge without reservation. I have worked with sleep technicians, site managers, regional managers, directors, and physicians on a regular basis.  I have also had some interactions with accounting, quality assurance, clinical support, technical support, and nurse practitioners.  The expertise, professionalism, and overall engagement I have received from all my interactions with MedBridge has been impressive."
    Melissa Bruner
    Medibio, Ltd.
  • Archie Defillo, Chief Medical Officer
    "…MedBridge Healthcare has played an instrumental role in supporting Medibio's Research and Development program. The professionalism of MedBridge staff has excelled not only with the enrollment of patients but also in assisting our clinical team with data collection, data download, and data transfer."
    Archie Defillo, Chief Medical Officer
    Medibio, Ltd.