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Sleep Management

Facilitating sleep research is essential to furthering patient care and supporting technological advancements for the betterment of sleep medicine.

Providing diagnostic testing data, comparisons, therapy assessments, clinical support and product validation.

MedBridge Healthcare, LLC partners with academic and research facilities, technology companies, device companies, and software manufacturers to provide diagnostic testing, data comparisons, therapy assessments, clinical support, and product validation data. Our research studies are conducted at our independent diagnostic testing facilities, hospital partner sleep centers, academic centers, subjects’ homes, and associated physician clinics.

Our diverse group of programs and services makes us an ideal partner for research and product validation—often at a lower cost. This is especially advantageous for start-up device companies. While we only provide the technical support for research, we partner with a large network of board-certified sleep specialists to provide professional guidance and expertise. MedBridge Healthcare has sleep testing facilities in 21 states plus home sleep apnea testing nationally, serving a diverse group of patients in both urban and rural areas, and making research more accessible for both clinicians and industry.

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