At-Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Add a mail-to-home testing service to your existing sleep program today with MedBridge. 

A practical alternative to the sleep lab

With 23 million Americans suffering from undiagnosed sleep apnea, at-home apnea testing is a convenient, cost-efficient way to improve access to care for those in need.

Our at-home sleep apnea testing service is a simplified approach to diagnosis that is clinically appropriate with fewer touchpoints to reduce strain on healthcare providers.

At MedBridge, we use the experience and expertise we have gained as a leading provider of on-site sleep lab services to find viable alternatives for uncomplicated patients.

Our at-home sleep apnea test supports hospitals and healthcare systems that want to expand their sleep lab functionality and provide a faster diagnosis to more patients.

When an at-home sleep apnea test is ordered, it will be shipped directly to the patient’s door or available for pick-up at select locations while providing 24/7 patient customer support. From intake to scheduling all the way to delivering results to the referring physician, our at-home sleep apnea testing service is convenient for you and effective for your patients

Home Sleep Apnea Testing

The Mail-to-Home Delivery Program:


Add a mail-to-home testing service to your existing program.

Whether you are a large hospital system with multiple sleep lab locations, a hospital with an underperforming sleep program, or a hospital without a sleep program looking for additional sources of revenue, MedBridge Healthcare has a solution to fit your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how MedBridge can help your sleep lab facility.