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We are a leading provider of sleep lab management services and home sleep apnea testing.

We partner with hospitals, healthcare systems, medical academic institutions, insurances, ACO’s and directly with patients to offer comprehensive, fully-integrated services for sleep disorders.

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes

A positive patient experience can transform the quality and happiness of a patient’s life. With this as our goal, MedBridge Healthcare's Outcome & Compliance reporting provides a complete integration of clinical data to empower our clinicians, physicians, and patients to make decisions to achieve optimal benefits from PAP Therapy.

With a laser-like focus on early patient engagement, patient follow-up for issue resolution, and patient coaching, MedBridge Healthcare is generating compelling data on improved outcomes and resolution of therapy and treatment issues. This wealth of outcome data empowers our operations team to maximize operational and clinical efficiency, cost controls, and revenue generation.


of the US population has Obstructive Sleep Apnea


of people with sleep apnea are undiagnosed


of people with diabetes have sleep apnea


of people with sleep apnea also have high blood pressure


We provide evidence-based treatment.

MedBridge Healthcare is uniquely positioned to provide long-term value to healthcare providers by retooling and overhauling the fragmented approach to diagnosis, therapy, and treatment of sleep and respiratory diseases. We offer a comprehensive, integrated care model centered around evidence-based management of the disease processes.

With data supporting improved clinical and economic outcomes, MedBridge Healthcare is leading the way with establishing best practices, guidelines, and benchmarks for optimization of clinical outcomes and operations.


We provide safe at-home sleep tests directly to your door.

MedBridge Healthcare is a leader in sleep diagnostic testing.

We are now offering Home Sleep Apnea Testing direct to patients with help from our network of sleep telemedicine physicians. This program is designed to provide sleep health services to those with limited access to care and those who want fewer touch-points with healthcare providers, without sacrificing quality of care.

Our patient-centric approach to care means we work with you to provide the best diagnostic and treatment pathway possible for your needs.


Additional Patient Resources

While MedBridge Healthcare offers a vast assortment of free resources for personal sleep care management, it's important to remember that speaking with your physician is the first step to getting a better night's sleep. Your physician can evaluate your sleep health, medical history, and symptoms to determine if a sleep study is right for you.


Get started with MedBridge Healthcare today.

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