A leading provider of sleep laboratory management services & sleep therapy

Learn More MedBridge Healthcare partners with hospitals and physician practices to offer comprehensive, fully-integrated services for patient identification, testing, diagnosis, treatment, and long-term care management of patients with sleep disorders.

Evidence Based Treatment

MedBridge Healthcare, LLC (MHC) is uniquely positioned to provide long term value to our patients and healthcare providers by retooling and overhauling the fragmented approach to diagnosis, therapy and treatment of sleep and respiratory diseases into a comprehensive, integrated approach based on evidence based management of the disease processes. With outcome data supporting improved clinical and economic outcomes, MHC is leading the way with establishing best practices, guidelines and benchmarks for optimization of clinical outcomes and operational processes.

Improving Outcomes

A positive patient experience can transform the quality and happiness of a patients' life. With this as our goal, MHC Outcome and Compliance reporting provides a complete integration of clinical data to empower our clinicians and physicians to make decisions and interventions for patients to achieve the optimal benefits from their PAP Therapy. With a laser-like focus on early patient engagement, patient follow up for issue resolution, and patient coaching, MHC is generating very compelling data on the improved outcomes from early intervention and resolution of therapy and treatment issues. This wealth of outcome data also empowers our operations team to maximize operational and clinical efficiency, cost controls and revenue generation.

Technology & Software

With the advances and rapid changes in healthcare technology, the investment by MHC and our partners has created a very robust and dynamic software platform that integrates patient information from referral to long term therapy compliance. The streamlining of workflows and automation of processes increase the level of operational efficiency, facilitates access to data and reports from any location and enables detailed reporting and charting. Data is kept safe and secure with granular access control, data encryption and password tracking. The clinical and operational inefficiencies of managing and integrating multiple compliance and data software programs can now be managed in one complete system.